“People Say My Main Character is Unlikeable”

Unlikeable character =)

Wicked Cozy Authors

by Barb Ross, freezing her &*$# off in Maine

Recently, Ramona DeFelice Long wrote a blog post called How to Write a Protagonist of Interest. It’s a great post and I recommend it. And it got me thinking about the following:

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been in a writing class or seminar and someone has wailed, “(Friends, my writers group, prospective agents, prospective publishers) say my protagonist is unlikeable. What to I do?” let’s just say I’d have a whole pile of nickels. Usually this lament comes from someone early in their writing career. Sometimes it’s because the author has committed to a protagonist who is relentlessly awful, but often, the writer likes the protagonist just fine, and doesn’t understand why others react negatively.

Sometimes the answer to this question degenerates into a discussion of whether protagonists have to be “likeable,” so lets get that…

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