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NY Times Bestseller! Go Sheila.

Wicked Cozy Authors

***Breaking news alert. We interrupt this blog post to announce (with glee) that our monthly blogger and Wicked Accomplice Sheila Connolly’s newest book, An Early Wake, will debut on the New York Times Mass Market Paperback Bestseller List at #10 on Sunday!!! We now return you to our regularly scheduled posting. (After an appropriate amount of squealing and dancing around.) CONGRATULATIONS, SHEILA!***

Jessie: In NH huddled under a mohair and wool blanket with nothing but her typing fingers sticking out 

Every writer I know, not surprisingly, has a lot of books. Books heave and bulge and topple from our shelves and tables. They form perilous stacks behind doors and in corners. They lurk under beds and amongst the dry goods in the pantry. For me, all of this seems perfectly natural and as things should be. Over time, however, I’ve become better at culling the herd, at ruthlessly donating to…

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About Brand Fearless

I'm a social media strategist, storyteller, digital photographer, author, speaker, artist and creative content producer committed to BRANDING my clients fearLESSly, and helping them share their unique visions and missions with the world. I'm a contributing author in the upcoming anthology Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of Twelve Cats, Through Their Eyes. The released March 2017 from FitCat Publishing. I'm also one of the individuals featured in Caleb Vinson's documentary "Who Am I" coming out soon. I hold a master's degree in special education with 15 years teaching experience, and a bachelor's of fine arts in art education, broad-based studies, with minors in history and women's studies. I'm an animal advocate, foodie, wellness activist, political junkie and general lover of anything that gets my creative juices flowing. Follow me on all my social channels and join in the fun!
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