Nature: Explore and Assist

Today’s #fearless spark is about exploring nature. My favorite place to be is at the ocean, out in nature and anywhere there are animals, birds, fresh air and sunshine. Nature is where I connect and feel the most grounded. The beauty of all things blooming and coming alive in spring. The gorgeous sunny days, blue skies and ocean breezes of summer. The fantastic color palette of fall with it’s pumpkin delights, crisp winds and overall beauty.

Explore nature

Winter however is another story.  I like winter the least of all the seasons. As a child I loved sledding, “trying” to ski, snowmobiling, building snow forts and snowball fights with my big brother. But even back then I remember worrying about homeless animals and people. I often though about what would become of them. Some things have changed since I was a kid. I no longer love the snow as much as I did back then, perhaps because of my heating bill. I do like to play in the snow with my three rescue dogs but then again that is because I am with animals not because of the soaking wet feeling I have from head to foot afterwards. And I do think often of the plight of homeless animals and people throughout the United States.

Sadly there are countless numbers of animals and people who have no warmth from the wintery elements and often suffer horrible outcomes because of it. Feral and community cats are among the worst off. They have been tossed aside, abandoned and neglected. They have been left to fend for themselves because of of our society’s lack of education, compassion and overall concern.

Don’t feed the cats. They are dirty and have disease. They can take care of themselves, they’re cats. I remember hearing things like that as a kid when I used to hang out in the backyard of my grandmother’s neighbors house. The home sat back a bit in the woods and there were all these cats. Tons and tons of cats. I loved them. Whenever I went to my grandmother’s house I would inevitably take off and end up at that house. I would sit on the lawn and whatever cats would approach me I would pet for hours. I never wanted to leave them and I would always worry about them especially because many looked rough. Later as an adult I realized this was a feral/community cat colony behind that person’s home and some of the neighbors were mad. They were caring for all the homeless cats-house cats tossed out into the streets, pregnant cats galore because of lack of spay/neuter efforts and just plain old neglect-and people didn’t like it. But too often the anti-cat chatter seems to be coming from the exact same neighborhoods that the cats came from.

I guess old habits die hard and my case will never die. I am a proud animal advocate and a defender of the voiceless. We do countless things as a family to help with the animal community but most recently we decided to sponsor a cat with the Boston’s Forgotten Felines. Meet Sparky!

Sparky BFF

The feral cat warriors of Boston’s Forgotten Felines are amazing. They fight to help these cats survive every single day in all seasons, and winter as you can imagine is the toughest. They not only feed and care for hundreds and hundreds of ferals, the also do TNR (trap-neuter-return), take friendly cats into foster homes, provide medical care, educate, advocate and adopt felines to loving families. They need support though and every little bit counts. We wanted to do our part. Sparky needed us and we believe he is worth it. We were told he might be friendly and if so they will scoop him up and try to find him a home. We will then sponsor another cat in need, sadly there’s always another in line.

I guess exploring nature is what you could say the feral cat warriors do every day. They explore the dark parts. The parts that are hard when it’s below freezing and the outlook is grim. They trudge through snow, dig paths to feral houses, try to rescue cats from starvation, sickness and society’s lack of empathy. The least I can do is be a monthly sponsor so that they know someone cares. I am proud to know these warriors personally and believe when I say they are amazing. If you live in the Boston area and would like to volunteer as a feeder or foster parent please email them at Everyone else can always send donations or be a monthly foster like us by using Paypal. We may live in Connecticut now but Boston is still home to us and we will always support Boston’s Forgotten Felines and all the work they do.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead



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I'm a social media strategist, storyteller, digital photographer, author, speaker, artist and creative content producer committed to BRANDING my clients fearLESSly, and helping them share their unique visions and missions with the world. I'm a contributing author in the upcoming anthology Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of Twelve Cats, Through Their Eyes. The released March 2017 from FitCat Publishing. I'm also one of the individuals featured in Caleb Vinson's documentary "Who Am I" coming out soon. I hold a master's degree in special education with 15 years teaching experience, and a bachelor's of fine arts in art education, broad-based studies, with minors in history and women's studies. I'm an animal advocate, foodie, wellness activist, political junkie and general lover of anything that gets my creative juices flowing. Follow me on all my social channels and join in the fun!
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